Bucket List

  1. Go to an American football game (see here)
  2. Get a photo by the pink wall (see here)
  3. Visit Santa Monica pier (see here)
  4. Go to Venice beach (see here)
  5. Go rollerskating at Venice beach
  6. Ride in a yellow school bus
  7. See the Hollywood sign
  8. Hike to the Hollywood sign (I tried…)
  9. Join a sorority (see here)
  10. Go to a frat party
  11. Have a drink from a red cup
  12. Have animal fries at In ‘n’ Out
  13. Go to  a live TV show taping
  14. See a celebrity
  15. Go to the Griffith Observatory
  16. Buy something organic at a farmers’ market
  17. Wear a bikini in December (and don’t freeze to death)
  18. Eat tofu (and like it)
  19. Drive an automatic car on the right-hand side of the road
  20. Make a Smore over a campfire
  21. Attend a SoulCycle class
  22. Try ‘tater tots’
  23. Have a drink at the Beverly Hills Hotel
  24. Go to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl
  25. Have a buffalo chicken wing
  26. Play a round of blackjack in Vegas
  27. Go to the Grand Canyon
  28. Go to Universal Studios (see here)
  29. Go to Disneyland (see here)
  30. See a basketball game (see here)
  31. Eat a Girl Scout cookie

If you think I’m missing anything on my California bucket list let me know and I’ll add it on!