About Me

Hi! My name is Susie, and I’m a 21-year-old English and Film undergrad student at Trinity College Dublin. This year, super-excitingly, I’ve been accepted by the University of California Los Angeles to participate in a year-long academ13625383_10209989151074405_9122131929270873468_nic exchange! As LA is (in?)famously the world capital of commercial filmmaking, I could not be more excited/trepidatious to venture to the west coast in September to see what it’s all about. (also: hot weather and beaches mmmm)

I love writing and photography (hence the English and Film degree, duh) so I figured a productive way to spend some of the coming year would be to keep some kind of travel blog/diary of my experiences – partly to send back to friends and family at home, but also to motivate myself to go and do interesting things so I have something to write about!





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