Summer in the States

As you may have gathered from my egregious social media posts, I opted to spend this summer in the states rather than head back home. This made sense for a number of reasons, such as the fact that plane tickets are expensive and I already have a visa. Not to mention that film internships are plentiful here across the pond, and I didn’t want to say goodbye to my friends just yet!

I finished off my time at UCLA at the beginning of June, ending on a high note with Theta Formal (a glorified date party with long dresses) and other fun things. It was sad to see all the other Brits leave, however! I was emotional, but less so because I knew I’d be spending the next two months less than 100 meters from my dorm.

So, in June I moved in with my friend Carly and old roommate Yaz, into Carly’s apartment in Westwood. To cut costs we are sharing 2 double beds between the 3 of us, which sounds much more cramped than it is – one of us is almost always not in for the night, so we usually get a whole bed to ourselves. It’s a strange transition, moving from dorms back into a regular apartment. I miss the ready-cooked hot food hugely, for starters! But I don’t miss doing bunk-gymnastics to get into bed every night, nor being unable to whip up a midnight snack when the dining halls close.

Thus far, my summer has primarily consisted of working at Heyday Films at their office in the Hollywood Hills. It’s a really lovely environment and everyone there is great! It’s interesting to see the kind of content that Heyday gets sent – loads of really great scripts and books. That job takes up 3 days of my week, which is more than enough – all that reading is exhausting!

I experienced my first ever 4th July holiday the other day! I’ve never seen so many stars and stripes. I was given the whole week off work and spent the day itself on the beach with a group of film friends, then back at the pool in my apartment block, rounded off with a greasy Fat Sal’s sandwich – just what I needed! We didn’t manage to get to a high point in time for fireworks, but boy did we hear them. As someone said, in the most white way possible, it was like what living in a war zone must sound like!

From Friday – Monday I am generally spending time with friends who are around in LA, although I have had some fun trips down to Malibu, to the cinema and various museums.  I’ve also been spending a rather large chunk of my time working with the editors of my films ‘Polkadot‘ and ‘The Frozen‘ – both of which are coming together nicely. I can’t wait to show you!

Unfortunately I didn’t make it through into the final of the NYC Midnight writing competition – not that I’m surprised, I really struggled with the time constraint of 3 days for an 8 page script! If you’d like to give it a read, I’ve uploaded it here. I was very unlucky, missing out on qualifying by just 1 place. Oh well!! I’m very happy with the ‘Honorable Mention’ I received instead, and rather happy at the prospect of getting some sleep this weekend!

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