Viva Spring Break!

One of the most classically American experiences that most people associate with college in the US is that of Spring Break – a week half way through the second part of the school year, when students travel to warmer climes in search of cheap alcohol and loud music – a stress release of sorts. UCLA’s spring break was the last week of March this year, and never one to shirk away from strange American traditions, I had already booked myself on a trip organised by Theta to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

We stayed in the Riu Santa Fe – a surprisingly nice resort, which included in the room price (wait for it) all inclusive food and drink! We were given a wristband and told that upon showing that, we were entitled to as many drinks and plates as food as we could consume during our four days at the hotel. This included access to the resort’s many pools and swim-up bars, so that was great.

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Most days we spent the morning relaxing by the family pool, then ventured over to one of the more lively swim-up bars which looked over the beach onto the sea. We ate most meals in the hotel, but the repetitiveness of the food ground us down a little, so we had a couple of meals out at Mexican restaurants.

At one restaurant on the beach (called ‘The Office’) I swear I nearly died from spice overdose, if that’s possible! The waiter brought us some tortilla chips and guacamole as a starter, and offered to give us a spicy dip too. Carly told him she’d like to try some, and to be fair he did warn her that it was very hot, but she had some anyway. Skeptical of the tears that appeared in Carly’s eyes after one taste of the sauce, Yaz tried some too. She was shocked at how hot it was and told me not to try it. So, naturally, I tried it. I genuinely thought I’d succeeded in killing all of the tastebuds on my tongue it was so lethally spicy! I’ve never experienced anything like it!

One night we went on a Booze Cruise around the rocks just off the coast. Although the boat was largely dominated by people around my age, there was a handful of middle aged people who I think must have thought they had signed up for a much classier evening than what they got, although honestly I’m not sure what they expected when they boarded a boat with the tagline ‘let’s get crazy’.


I enjoyed my time in Mexico, even though I don’t think I had a remotely cultural experience. I liked being able to speak Spanish to the odd person here and there, and it was very funny teaching Yaz (who has never done Spanish ever) the odd phrase here and there. I would like to return and properly explore the country, perhaps a more culturally rich area than a stretch of beach designed specifically to cater for drunken American college students. It was just what I needed, though, after another long term at UCLA!

cabo 3

Check out a new page I just added to this site, which I’m going to update regularly with news about the films I’m writing and working on!







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